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Dried Chile
- Aji Amarillo
- Aji Panca
- Ancho
- Ancho Ground
- Arbol (Yunnan)
- Arbol Ground (Yunnan)
- Birds Eye Bell Pepper
- California
- California Ground
- Cascabel
- Cayenne
- Chilaca
- Chipotle
- Chipotle Ground
- Costeño
- Green Bell Pepper
- Guajillo
- Guajillo Ground
- Habanero
- Habanero Ground
- Jalapeño
- Japanese
- Kimchi
- Morita
- Morita Ground
- Mulato
- New Mexico
- New Mexico Ground
- Oaxaca
- Pasado
- Pasilla Negro
- Pasilla Negro Ground
- Pequin
- Puya
- Red Bell Pepper
- Tepin
- Yunnan Stemless

How do you spell Chile?
Answer: This is a common question and has fueled many arguments over the subject. There are many accepted versions. Chile with an "e" at the end is the correct spelling in Spanish. Chili with an "i" at the end is the Americanized version. The "i" version began with the name of the dish "Carne con Chili," meaning "Meat with Chile." It evolved into "Chili con Carne" and then shortened to just "Chili." The term ending with an "i" is widely accepted and is often used as the name for "Chili Powder." The term "Chile" with an "e" is the more correct way to spell it, although many forms are accepted. Some accepted spellings are
* Chile
* Chilli
* Chilly
* Chilie
* Chillie
About us

With more than 35 years of experience in the market, Santa Maura Spice & Garlic has become a leader in the industry specializing in the marketing of dried chiles, spices, grains, and dried fruit.
Santa Maura is pleased to offer 50 different chile products, spices whole and ground from Allspice to Turmeric, year round supply of Fresh Garlic and Ginger, Dried Fruits, Dried Nuts and a complementary line of Mexican Specialty products.

Watch a video showing photos and information about Santa Maura Spice and Garlic's assorted line of products.
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