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Product Specifications
Chile Arbol Stemless (Yunnan stemless)
Bright Red Dry Chili Pepper
3-4 inch length ¼ inch wide
Whole Dry with stem
Bright Red
Odor Typical Capsicum
Flavor Hot Pungent flavor not bitter by stem removal
Pungency 40000-45000 SHU
Microbiology E-Coli - Negative
Salmonella - Negative
Pack Size 25 lbs Box
Storage Cool Dry Storage
Country Of Origin China
Code CARC5
The information contained on this specification is designed for use as a guide only.
Purchasers should make their own determination as to the effectiveness of the products in their processes and in their products.
About us

With more than 35 years of experience in the market, Santa Maura Spice & Garlic has become a leader in the industry specializing in the marketing of dried chiles, spices, grains, and dried fruit.
Santa Maura is pleased to offer 50 different chile products, spices whole and ground from Allspice to Turmeric, year round supply of Fresh Garlic and Ginger, Dried Fruits, Dried Nuts and a complementary line of Mexican Specialty products.

Watch a video showing photos and information about Santa Maura Spice and Garlic's assorted line of products.
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